Col·lecció de Mon

Orc crow faced helm

Orc trapjaw helm

War mask of the Morgul lord

Helm Orc Legion

Uruk hai Berserker

Gimili Helm

Galadhrim War

Theoden Helm

Uruk Hai scout helm

Rohirrim helm of Merry


Moath of Sauron

Orc helm of Sam

Isildur helm

Crown Of King Elessar

Citadel guard helm of Pippin

Crown of the king of the dead

Easterling helm

Battle helm of Eowin

Yelmo de Troll de Batalla

High Elven helm

Gandalf hat

Elendil helm

Helm of Sauron

Yelmo Numenorean Infantry Helm

Orc Hide helm

The Gondorian colection

Orc Iron Cap Helm

Moria Orcs

Orc helm of Frodo

Yelmo de la Guardia Real de Rohan

Orcs Quinter helm

Helm of Eomer

Orc Muzzle cage helm